Frequently Asked Questions

What is a running analysis?

A running analysis looks at your running form from a series of angles and provides recommendations on ways to improve your form. This will help you extend your running career, prevent injury and correct any existing pain or injury.

How do I know if I need a running analysis?

If you run for fun, fitness, or competition, you can benefit from a running analysis. Correct running form prevents injury and pain, rehabilitates injury and pain, and allows you to have a long, successful running career.

I run a little but do a lot of other types of workouts. Should I consider a running analysis?

Absolutely. Correct running form is going to help prevent pain and injuries that could impact your entire workout.

Who actually conducts the analysis?

Dr. Schweitzer, DPT and his team of trained physical therapists personally review every video and provide every analysis and recommendation.

I usually run outside. Can I do the analysis there or do I need to be on a treadmill?

We typically recommend doing taking the video on a treadmill, but if that is not easily accessible, you can shoot the videos outside. Taking the video is a very simple process that can be done using your phone or a camera.

I had an analysis once at the shoe store. Do I need another analysis?

Yes. A shoe store analysis is designed to sell shoes. These types of analyses are typically conducted by sales clerks with little or no training in true gait analysis. Dr. Schweitzer is a Board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy and running specialist. He will provide recommendations supported by years of education, professional experience and running science.

What can I expect from the analysis?

Dr. Schweitzer, DPT and his team will personally review your running gait videos and provide insight on your gait and recommendations to correct your form. You will receive this information through a secure portal that will serve as your own personal space on the IdealRun website. Here you will be able to repeatedly access your written analysis, recommendations and exercises (specific items depend on the analysis level you purchase).

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