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I’ve been in orthotics from the age of 17 and was very nervous about coming out of my shoe inserts. But I’ve always felt that they were not natural and holding me back in some way. I went to Dr. Eric Schweitzer for a running analysis and saw such a difference. Eric has helped change my running style, and gave me some great foot strengthening exercises which gave me the courage to come out of my orthotics. Because of Eric’s analysis and recommendations I’ve gone from an injured runner to a runner that feels better now than I did when I was in my 20s.

Stuart Hayes

Olympic Triathlete, 2012 Summer Olympics

I’ve been an avid runner and triathlete for a number of years. I know the toll it can take on one’s body, but I also know that with the proper instruction and preparation, runners can have a lengthy, successful athletic career. I’m also a physician trained in sports medicine, so if I’m going to someone else for help with running, it will be the best person in that field. I went to Dr. Eric Schweitzer a couple of years ago for a running analysis, and I personally saw how detailed and high-tech the process is. He really gave me a better understanding of my form and areas to work on. Eric’s analysis is thorough, informative and very focused on positive, achievable results. The only thing that could make the analysis better is to be able to do it online, which is what he offers at IdealRun. In my opinion it’s the best win-win for runners at every level.

Bill Cottrell, MD

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Specialist, Orthopaedic Associates of West Florida, Clearwater, FL

Not only is Dr. Eric Schweitzer an excellent Doctor of Physical Therapy but he’s also an excellent runner. He knows as well as anyone how physical pain or injury can impact – or potentially end – a runner’s career. In my medical practice I see many runners come in with joint pain, knee pain, hip pain and more. Oftentimes, pain or injury could have been avoided with the right gait adjustments or exercises to strengthen weak muscles. IdealRun can do this for runners of any skill level, making it easier to prevent or fix injury and continue to run. I’d recommend IdealRun to my patients, my colleagues – really anyone who is interested in continuing or enhancing their running.

Scott Welsh, MD

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Central Texas Orthopedics

I have known Dr. Schweitzer in both a professional and personal context for many years. During this time he has demonstrated a level of professionalism rarely displayed in the field. His training as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in combination with his post graduate training in running medicine makes him uniquely qualified to provide critical insight in evaluating running mechanics. I would highly recommend Dr. Schweitzer for a comprehensive evaluation of running mechanics. The results of which would provide unique insight for the individual runner on how to avoid injury or recover faster.

William J. Hanney, DPT, PhD, ATC, CSCS

Assistant Professor, Program in Physical Therapy, University of South Florida

Thanks for your analyzing my running style, providing recommendations for running posture, stretching, mobility and strength exercises. During my initial analysis, you saw that I was leaning forward at the waist instead of the ankles, my center of gravity was too far back, and my posture was not efficient. Also, I had a sore right hamstring that was slowing me down. At that time, I was running two miles in about 20 minutes. My goal has been to run two miles in under 16 minutes which is the minimum entrance requirements for male cadets entering West Point. Today, 6 months after your analysis, I met that goal 2 miles in 15:50. Not bad for a 64 year old.

I can feel more power in my stride from the strengthening exercises that you’ve recommended for my hamstrings, calves and core. My posture is better, and I get more out of the fall from the ankles. The mobility exercises are providing more range of movement that adds to my stride length without injuring my muscles. I still have a little “feedback” from my hamstring, but by tomorrow I’m sure even that sensitivity will be gone.

Thanks again for your professional analysis and recommendations. As you know I am still doing sprint triathlons and since your analysis of my running style, I have moved up in my age group and have even taken one second place and one third place. Attached is my photo for the second place plaque at the Longleaf Sprint triathlon in the 60-64 year age group.

I now believe you in that running shouldn’t hurt and can be an enjoyable hobby for a life-time. I know I’ll never be a young man again, but I won’t be an old man either.

Robert G Brown, PhD, PE

It is no secret that being a Triathlete can be physically demanding. The daily riggers of Multisport training can wreck havoc on the body no matter how experienced the athlete. There ultimately comes a point in time when the body gives way and an injury rears its ugly head. From shin splints, plantar fasciitis to hips flexors, lower back and even the shoulders; the injuries can come fast and come severe. Dr. Eric Schweitzer and his staff at Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance not only understand the importance of getting you back to top physical form as quickly as possible, but they take the time to educate you on how the injury occurred and recommend changes to your bodies behavior that help facilitate future, healthy performance. Dr. Schweitzer’s unparalleled professional expertise coupled with his enthusiasm & dedication for endurance sports makes him my “go-to” Doctor for injury prevention and rehabilitation year round.

Josh Wilkins, Triathlete

I’ve been doing triathlons for the last 4 years and stay competitive within my division.  I have done numerous sprint distance events up to Ironman (twice) events.  The one key thing that’s allowed me keep the training volume I need to take on those events and stay competitive is to not get injured.  As a taller and bigger guy, getting my running form down was a top priority!  That’s why I sought to find the best in the area and came across Eric.  In working with him, he pointed out a number of things I should consider changing with my mechanics and form. I followed his advice, made those changes and have not had any major issues since those sessions.

Ryan Rager, Tampa Bay Triathlete

Cloud Services Architect, Microsoft

I’ve known Dr. Eric Schweitzer for many years and what has always struck me is his academic approach to physical therapy. He is meticulous in his work and knows the most current science and data behind his recommendations. He truly is a running science pioneer in every sense of the word and IdealRun takes it to the next level. Giving runners a platform like this, especially online, to seek Eric’s analyses and recommendations will have an unprecedented impact on runners.

Jason Jennings, MD, DPT

Fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon, Author

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