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Official IdealRun Launch Release

We are very excited to announce the launch of IdealRun - the ultimate online running gait analysis service. We are dedicated to helping runners perform better and avoid injury. Running Expert Launches Idealrun, Online Running and Gait...

My Achilles is ‘A Killing Me!’

(You Probably Do Not Have Achilles Tendinitis) The Achilles tendon is quite vulnerable to injury, especially if stressed the wrong way. It actually accounts for 10 percent of all running injuries. But, more on this later…First, let me explain. The Achilles tendon is...

Welcome to IdealRun

In our blog, we'll be posting articles and videos, providing tips and advice on improving your running performance and recovering from running injuries. We love to run, we love the running community and we're here to support you. Thanks for stopping by! Best,...

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