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IdealRun is your online running gait analysis. Just 3 steps to a better run:

  • Record quick videos of you running & exercising

  • Upload the videos to our secure site

  • Receive a personal analysis, exercises and drills from the premier running expert

Make your next run an IdealRun!

The IdealRun Advantage

Easy To Use

  • Take and upload video straight from your smart phone
  • Online access to drills and exercises on your schedule
  • No special tools or exercise equipment needed
  • Takes 10-15 minutes max

Built By A Running Expert

  • Specializes in running science
  • Author, speaker, professor and pioneer in running science
  • Marathon runner and triathlete: 2015 Sugarloaf marathon, 2007 NY City Marathon, 2013 Half Ironman, Eight Olympic triathlons, many half marathons
  • Personal experience in running injury recovery

Improves Your Running Today

  • Run better than you ever believed possible
  • Receive detailed report on form, drills to increase efficiency and exercises for strength
  • Run better, further, longer using techniques to prevent and reduce injury
  • Stop hurting during and after runs
  • Better understand your running gait and body mechanics

Meet Dr. Eric Schweitzer, DPT

IdealRun Founder

Eric Schweitzer, DPT

Eric Schweitzer – a Doctor of Physical Therapy, author, professor, runner and triathlete – has practiced physical therapy for more than 15 years. He is an expert in running science and has long seen patients with running injuries or pain. He is truly a pioneer in the area of running science, creating a system of gait analyses and recommended drills and exercises that have given his patients the ability to continue running, prevent future injury and enhance their running.

Eric knows what it’s like to suffer a running injury. In 2012, he suffered a potentially running career ending injury after stepping into a hole during a mud run. But, using his therapy and techniques, he was able to rehabilitate himself and continues to be able to race, most recently completing the Sugarloaf Marathon.

Eric Schweitzer combines his professional and personal experiences to create a running gait analysis like no other.

IdealRun solves running pain


Stats show that most runners buy new shoes the first time they feel pain. Why not fix the problem and save your shoes?
IdealRun prevents and treats running problems


Most runners need to prevent or treat pain at some point. IdealRun can do both.
IdealRun online running and gait analysis


Choose the level that’s right for you and get professional insight, analysis and recommendations to improve your run.

The Ideal Client

There really is not an “Ideal” client. Anyone who runs and wants to relieve pain or injury, prevent pain or injury, or improve their running skills can benefit from IdealRun.  We can help everyone from weekend runners to regular joggers to race enthusiasts to elite marathoners – in fact, we have.

Why should you choose the IdealRun Gait Analysis?


Runners Injured Every Year


Runners Who Stop Running Due To Injury


Runners Who Can Benefit From IdealRun

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